Le Createur – Chocolat Créateur de Goût

“Este oare frumuseţea ceea ce ne seduce cel mai mult?...înclin să cred că da! Dar cum am putea defini sublimul în această lume „relativă”?...sau întrebarea corectă ar fi: percepem fiecare dintre noi frumuseţea la fel? Inspirat şi călăuzit de aceste întrebări dar mai ales de o dorinţă arzătoare care mi-a animat sufletul am creat un concept unde fiecare element exprimă, în percepţia mea, FRUMUSEŢEA.
Îmi doresc să împărtăşesc această călătorie în universul simţurilor cu fiecare persoană care descoperă noul concept. Vă mulţumesc pentru că ne sunteţi alături de atâţia ani şi vă invit să vă bucuraţi de spiritul Boutique Restaurant Chocolat Créateur de Goût.”

Tudor Constantinescu
Creator Concept

Le Curateur – Chocolat Créateur de Goût

"Oricare ar fi departamentul, Bar, Restaurant sau Boutique, tot ceea ce vă prezentăm este o inovaţie exclusivă, ce are la bază cele mai bune produse, selecţionate cu cea mai mare exigenţă, după criteriile noastre implacabile.
La Boutique vă permite să duceţi acasă toate creaţiile noastre şi să le degustaţi liniştiţi cu prietenii dumneavoastră. Vă invităm să descoperiţi un melanj savant de gusturi de odinioară şi de savori din cele mai conteporane, un joc de plăcere şi gust realizat într-o manieră cu totul naturală, plecând de la produse autentice."

Chocolat Créateur de Goût

Chocolat's History

The story of Chocolat begins in the Historical Centre of “Little Paris” on a beautiful spring day. The first Boutique Restaurant opened on the 14th of March 2006 on Calea Victoriei, unveiling a rustic background with wood furnishings and clay-made tableware, representing a novel concept in Bucharest’s landscape, inspired by the very popular 1930s French restaurants. Two years later, Créateur de Goût was continuing its journey by opening the Dorobanti site and the one on Calea Mosilor. At the same time, the groundwork for the independent laboratory was being established.

2011 brought a rebranding of the concept, from the interior settings to the products in the menu. Chocolat Créateur de Goût continues the development of Boutique Restaurant World Unique Concept and opens a second location, on an October day in Piata Dorobanti. The record make-over has been made in only three weeks from the new concept’s release in the location from the Historical Center of Bucharest. Chocolat has set beauty as a benchmark/standard and has perfected an ideal: a chain of coffee shops and restaurants where nothing is left to chance, where all the details build a universe of culinary refinement. Revolt whinstone tableware, fanwise chairs, Catalin Botezatu’s designer uniforms came together to complete a new menu that can be described as fusion, with French accents, original products and reinvented classical ones. Once in motion, the concept soared and materialised into a coffee shop in Baneasa Mall, into a Dorobanti restaurant expansion and into the opening of a 1000 sqm laboratory having state of the art equipment and hardware.

"A chain of coffee shops and restaurants where nothing is left to chance, where all the details build a universe of culinary refinement"

The conception for Boutique Café has evolved in 2013, when Afi Palace Cotroceni and Vitan Mall locations have been added to the one from Baneasea Mall. This way you can enjoy the excellence of French pastry and sweets during a shopping session. The celebration of Saint Nicholas brought a new Chocolat inauguration; this time it was the Boutique Restaurant nearby The Romanian Athenium.

2014, a jubilant year full of surprises, began with a unique gift: the creation of more than 30 new products in the Chocolat menu, coming as an addition to the cakes selection, and also dishes that would diversify the restaurant’s menu. Referring to the most demanding palates, Chocolat sets passion and love for cuisine on every plate, among the most appreciated dishes: Risotto nero di seppia with octopus and champagne sauce, Caramelized goose liver served on baked apple with chocolate sauce or Green beans from Kenya „truffled” with lentils and fresh tomatoes. Desserts are also an essential part of the concept, pursuing the line of perfecting the taste, through the wide range of macarons, pralines, pastry products or the select and original Chocolat cakes.

Since 2006, beginning with a restaurant and 7 employees, Chocolat is now a team of 170 people that bring to life the unique concepts of Boutique Restaurant and Boutique Café in the 6 locations from Bucharest. The virtuousness/excellence comes from the attention to details, the top quality ingredients, the chefs’ ingenuity and from the impeccable service, which all together turn/make having a meal at Chocolat (into-daca alegi turn, atunci adaugi into aici) a precious culinary experience.

Chocolat's Products

Chocolat Créateur de Goût offers an original pallet of flavours, from salty to sweet, a range of savours and aromas whose secrets you can find out only here, with 100% natural ingredients, always fresh and of the best quality. The Chocolat menu is set to astonish/suprise with the high-end dishes and the spectacular displays, becoming a haute gastronomie / grand cuisine – a heaven for cakes, pastry and desserts. At Chocolat, all the chocolate patterns blend into a harmony of textures, enveloping everything in a distinct and charming dessert – a unique and original cake Apoteoza – 2013’s star. A variety of textures and new sensations, the most beautiful stories bound into a divine mix of flavours and colours, all presented by Les Macarons Chocolat.

"The Chocolat menu is set to astonish/suprise with the high-end dishes and the spectacular displays, becoming a haute gastronomie"

The concept brings the bread baking tradition closer to the consumers, now all the bread and pastry specialities are baked right in front of the customers, in the Boutique section. Furthermore, the menu has an entire product section that the Chocolat customers can enjoy at home. Boutique Restaurant Chocolat respects the Romanian tradition bringing the holiday spirit and the joyous flavors all together in the best traditional Romanian products – cozonac Chocolat with a lot of chocolate cream, walnuts, raisins, rum and the authentic pasca. Each plate resembles a pleasant surprise, a story, a moment of joy; it represents a fabulous journey in the world of tastefulness and culinary excellence.

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